Video Drum Lessons for Beginners

Learn How To Play DrumsLearning to play the drums can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding musical instruments out there.  Rhythm plays such a huge role in the grand scheme of things and we have included some video drum lessons for you as well as a resource with plenty of educational drumming information.  In the beginning, you may get overwhelmed so we have included some basic first steps to get you started.

First Steps in Learning How to Play the Drums

If you are brand new and have never touched a drum set in your life, we recommend that you start with just a basic practice pad and drum sticks.  This will save you so much money in the beginning and you can see if you will like playing drums.  There are a few options for you.  If you want to get started today, it is a good idea to head over to your local music store.  In most cases they will have both a practice pad and also drumsticks available and you should be able to keep it under 35 dollars.  This may very in your market area.  If you can wait a bit, you can always find a good deal online and there are plenty of places have fast delivery.

Once you have everything you need to get started, find a good place to set up your practice pad.  If you are limited on space, you can use your lap or a TV stand.  You want to make sure your back is straight and your thighs are horizontal with the ground.  It is always a good idea to practice good posture in the beginning because you could risk injury down the road.  Here is your first drum lesson video to get you started:

Setting Up Time to Practice Drumming

I was always a little sloppy in setting time aside every day for my drumming.  This created poor results for me and ended up delaying my learning curve.  I usually practiced drumming only on the weekend for 3 hours and the rest of the week I would not touch my drum set.  The benefit to practicing in smaller chunks and more regularly is that it will help develop your muscle memory.  Once I started doing this, it was easier to pick up where I left off much easier.  This created much more momentum and kept me motivated.  I recommend everyone getting a pen and paper and setting time to practice.

Another few things to keep in mind when learning drums is, look for a mentor or online lessons.  It is always good to have structure and have feedback from a teacher.  It is easy to form bad habits without realizing that you are doing so.  Bad habits while learning how to play the drums can take years to unlearn and may set you back.  One last word of advice is to go easy on yourself.  In the beginning, you will struggle and it may take time to get you rhythm and coordination between all of your limbs.  A great resource that is free for me to use is here:  Or reach out to Spencer Smith on his blog.

Please comment in the section below if you have any questions and we can get them answered.


Adding Music Education with the Basic Curriculum

Music Education in Public SchoolsWhen we look at art and music programs that are added to a curriculum we put them aside to focus on the basics: math, writing and reading.  Sometimes we forget the importance of adding the critical pieces like music to an education.  When we add music to a developing child’s future, it can improve brain function all the way up to adulthood.  It is good for a developing brain to listen to more complex sounds.  This leads to the way children process the knowledge that they receive in other areas like math.  Also having a good music education increases creativity in other areas and problem solving improves.

The Many Different Types of Music Education and Your Child

It is important to have your child listen and learn to play music on a regular basis.  Even if you child wants to sing instead of learning a musical instrument, this can lead to huge improvements in their life.  Also musical games or performances will help from a young age to develop a child’s skills.

Having music in schools also helps a children develop in social interactions and using more of the robust neural processing.  Motor skills improve with even basics things like clapping your hands and dancing.  Children in groups can learn dancing or playing on basic instruments.  You can see that technology has helped children getting more music with devices like the ipods and tablets.  Even when looking at therapy, music helps develop breathing and coordination.  Researches have proven over and over the benefits of a quality music program in elementary schools and can’t speak enough about the importance of it.

It is best to help give children everything possible to have a bright future.  Some say that music is a universal language and can be understood by all without knowing a specific language.  Reading sheet music helps children in math because they are using fractions when it comes to notes.  Playing all the different notes as well refer to symbols that the child is learning.  Also, when considering words in songs you can relate this to language arts.

Keeping Music Education in Schools for our Children

When comparing children with a music education to children that don’t, you can see the difference in test scores.  Not only just in school, children seem to be able to make better decisions in life.  It doesn’t stop in elementary school thought, continuing music education through high school is important as well.  Once children grow up and leave the home they will be better prepared for the real world.

We need to realize that continuing music education in schools is a huge detriment to our youth and their development.  If you have a child that is in a music program, you have probably seen the difference in their performance and high grades compared to others without this luxury.  If you have a child in school, please make sure our music programs continue and our children to get all the tools they need.  Please check out our previous article on helping your child develop with music.

Youtube Video, Why we need music in public schools:

Music Education for Parents to Help Children

Music Education and Your ChildThe skill of being a parent is built into each and every one of us through instinct.  One of the skills we need to improve upon is becoming a better parent.  This may look different to each person, but can be developed like a form of art and needs to be looked at in today’s culture.  If you child has a passion for music then it should be spotted and developed.  Helping your child get the music education they need is important and should not be overlooked.  Encouragement will help you child focus more on their passion for music.

When we were children (unless you are still a child) we developed parenting skills from assimilating what we learned from our parent’s habits.  This can sometimes be to our detriment and all comes down to the influences we had.  When we grow up and have children, we follow the same patterns and that we were taught.  We mold our children almost unconsciously.

Raising Our Children With Music

Regaurdless of how we think we should raise our child, we all want the same thing for them, to raise our children to the best of our ability.  That is why it is important to support your child’s talents in things like sports, music, art, and other activities.

Most children at some point and time show interest in music and playing an instrument or they want to learn dancing.  It is always important to take notice of your child’s interest and get further feedback from you child about their desires.  Usually you have a few options when it comes to your child’s interest in music:

  • You can always ignore their request in the beginning to see if it is just a curiosity or not, then decide if you want to purchase and instrument for them.
  • You can agree to their request and visit the local music store to get an instrument and to see if there is a music instructor available.
  • You can find a music education master in the area to teach you child and purchase anything that is available for your child to learn.

Of course the last option will be the most beneficial to your child, but you have consider things like cost and time.  Who is going to get your child to music lessons?  Regaurdless of which route you go, it is always important for the parent to show interest and encouragement to their child through the process.

Final Thoughts on Music Education for Your Child

Learning where to start is the most important part of the education process.  You can find instruments and sheet music that is used online or at some local shops.  This will save you some money and see if you child follows through with their new found love of music.

Do your research in the local market as well.  On many websites you can find reviews of music teachers in the area and they will have their rates available online so you can get an idea of what costs will be.  Maybe it is a good idea to have your child help around the house to get music lessons.  There are many ways to help your child so it is time to keep an open mind and get creative.  Please check out our previous post on music and your infant.

Classic Music and Your Newborn Infant

Pregnancy and Music.jpgMusic remains one of the strongest tools of expression that is human. It transcends age, race and culture and over time, distinct kinds are created. And there’s undoubtedly that it could stir us emotionally in a unique way. Yet the classical music genre remains one of the much-loved class and listening to the kind was deemed to greatly help enhance brain function. That’s why recently, parenting experts urge to pregnant girls to start exposing their infants to classical music while still in the womb.

Classical Music and Your Developing Child!

But could it be accurate? Will your baby possess a high IQ as a consequence ? Music will not automatically make your child brighter as your kid’s brain growth lies on many variables including biological and environmental. Nevertheless, exposure will help prime your baby’s brain for specific types of thinking.

Classical music is considered more complicated and is structured much differently from other kinds of music. This is where classical music’s complexity that has been found to give the most brain stimulation as it opens pathways in the brain. Spatial-temporal deducting is the talent to envision space and androtate pictures in the brain in time. When you need to think ahead and imagine what will happen next, that is an essential ability in learning science and maths and is best demonstrated in the sport.

Studies also suggest that routine thus helps in their auditory memory which is crucial in language skills and listening to classical music motivates infant to learn to identify between sounds.

Music and How it Affects Infants Moods

And obviously there is the power of soothing infants with music. Classical music when played moderately has a calming effect rendering the heart to beat slower as the breathing to be deeper. This is due to the fact that the music compels mind to release endorphins. Hence, pressure is reduced and disposition is improved which are great for a baby’swell- for the caring parent as well as being.

Pregnancy is a time that is unique but is riddled with stress and the infant wills likewise quiet within. This may help increase a healthier and stress-free birth experience. And because infants are likely to recognize precisely the same music while the baby was still in the womb you played, the organization will undoubtedly be comforting andprovides baby with an extra sense of security.

So it’s certainly worth doing during your pregnancy and early baby years. Keep the volume soft as music that is too loud and extreme may harmthe infant’s hearing. Some suggests doing this 2-3 times a day for 20 -30 minutes. Make use of the time to get a unique bond moment with your child, may it be duringbreastfeeding or sleeping time. Request your doctor for guidance.  Check out our previous article on why record sales are increasing.

Youtube Baby Music:

Buying Music Records Locally Versus Online Music

Purchasing Music Online

Listening to music remains astonishing now, it’s just that you’d be crazy to buy a CD. That’s not me, That’s what the entire world is saying. CD sales have been falling every year for more than a decade because CDs are essentially worthless in a world where digital music files are not so difficult to transfer and to play, officially or otherwise.

That does not mean there is no rewarding method to purchase a real world physical album. Phonograph record is experiencing a great come back, as the rest of music sales drop.

The long play record’s renaissance is not only an anecdotic tendency. It is not a single-year bump either.

The “why” behind it, however, is a little more evasive. Folks do not have to purchase vinyl, and they are increasingly choosing to do so. It seems that in a universe where CDs are obsolete, and digital files are intangible, the vinyl record still has a physical value that provides you your money’s worth. When the music business needs to live, it pay attention to why people are purchasing records.

Why purchase music at all?

Now days, most of us can’t think of why we should purchase music. The truth is which you’re never going to induce folks to spend money when they don’t have to, although there is a debate on just exactly how we need to give to new artists and support their passions. Today, there’s simply no practical solution to compel people to buy music–not unless you’re Beyonce.

I’m not simply talking about piracy. For a couple of years digital music was being bought by folks because for some, online stores like iTunes’ ease outweighed the legal and bother danger.

Yes, Spotify does not have everything, yet it does have quite damn close to everything, and for most folks, it’s a single, little, monthly expense that will satisfy the entirety of their music listening desires. And, of course, there are folks out there who enjoy purchasing things, especially from smaller artists. For them buying a CD means placing money in the artists’ pocket. But these magnanimous spirits will acknowledge that in the very best-case scenario, the CD gets ripped to digital storage of some sort. Or worse, it is never played, anyhow until the thing on Spotify ends up in a landfill, and also you only listen to it.


An overwhelming percentage of digital music files supply sound quality that is considerably worse and crappy digital is being chosen by individuals anyhow. (Subscription music services offer about identical audio quality to your great MP3.)

For those who do care about those things, audiophile quality downloads are offered by online stores like tracks that are high definition. And however, last year digital music sales took a plunge for the first time since iTunes began selling tracks a decade ago. You should not surprise that in 2013 flowing music consumption now accounts for 16 percent of recording business revenue, and rose by 32 percent. This may seem to support evidence that those who wish to go digital actually don’t care about audio quality.

To turn to phonograph record, then, I really don’t buy the argument because folks think the format seems better that it is experiencing a resurgence. There is a continuous argument from scientists and audiophiles concerning the quality of analog vs the newer digital music. Music specialists are stating that the quality of analog seems better, although that is not scientifically true. Based on science, a CD and also a vinyl record being pulled from precisely the same content that is original are identical. Without going to far into it, suffice it to say that the 44.1 kHz/16-bit CD-quality spec is not arbitrary–it is based on sampling theory, which shows that given that the greatest frequency you can here is 20,000 Hz, using a higher sampling rate or resolution is mathematically inconsequential.

Some people decide to challenge science and trust senses were readily deluded by their, or maybe they simply like the sound of a record scraping at first glance of a record. These lovers just help demonstrate my point: People are turning to vinyl only because they appreciate it more.

The case for vinyl records and you!

The people who actually care about the encounter of ownership are turning back to vinyl as it provides you a physical experience that is more fulfilling than a straightforward CD purchase. There really are a couple reasons this could be the case, but nonetheless, it all boils right down to encounter: a warm and fuzzy happy feeling you get from playing and buying LPs that you just can not get from any other source.

Phonograph Record has consistently gave consumers a nastalgic experience. The large format feels considerable and turns the layout of the cover along with the inserts into fulfilling artworks in their very own right in a way that the CD never could. There is something wonderfully interactional about putting a record on, listening to some side, and then flipping it around to hear another side. It creates the listening experience something in which you’re emotionally involved and continuously physically.

As the sound of vinyl, let us return to the sound of the record that is scratching for. He had been an early adopter because they did away with all the hindrance of scrape. But scrape isn’t a negative; it adds heat and texture. Some musicians go thus far as to add it to digital records to give them “character.”

A Phonograph Record can be delicate, yes. I believe though that it gives charm to the experience. Older records distort and warp, most needles skip over scrapes and move all over the record. This is likewise turns records. I really like the hand me down first pressing of Sticky Fingers my godfather gave me. The password?

Phonograph Record’s critical defect, as well as the rationale that the format lost to later CDs and cassettes, is the fact that you can not take it with you. It’s impractical.

But today, you do not have to have it only one manner. Vinyl record purchases come with codes which allow you to download digital versions of the music on-board. I have bought about a dozen new release phonograph records within the last couple of years, and each and every one came with a totally free download. A survey of a couple record labels that are distinct affirm that phonograph records all seem to come using a a digital variant that is free. What is more, thanks to the Autorip service of Amazon, you’ll get an MP3 through that shop along with your phonograph record as well. You actually can take it with you.  Check out our article that we wrote on the affects music has on us and animals.

Youtube Video on Purchasing Music off of the Internet Music Economics:

The Affects Music has on Animals and People Today

Music, it seems is hardwired within us. From the time we are babies, the fetus establishes an auditory system at about 17 to 19 weeks. inside the womb, the unborn child is surrounded by the sounds of the mother’s heart beat, pulse, and breath, 100% natural rhythms of the body. Music promotes more parts of our brain than other stimuli. Music is effective and it penetrates our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Music really does move us.

Music, Man and Creatures

Now science is discovering that animals likewise react to music.  It was discovered while playing classic music, cows will certainly produce a bit more than an additional pint of milk.  Cows find music relaxing. Analysts have found that cows in fact produce more milk while listening to specific music.

Brain Waves and Music

Humans and MusicThe biggest hits were Beethoven’s “Pastoral Symphony” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Each of the cow’s production of milk enhanced by 3 percent, or a little over a pint and a half, when they played slow music in contrast to no music or quick music.

This research was conducted as part of a continuous study about human habits and the impact of music.

It taps into our psychological center in our brain and music can most absolutely affect our state of mind. We normally are able to be more productive when our mood is more favorable The pace and speed of music affects certain type of brain waves.

Music is a crucial aspect of our lives. 1 in 25 individuals have amusia, a condition that includes things like being tone deaf to a total failure to take pleasure in music.

It appears when the main auditory cortex and the frontal lobe of the brain are damaged, this condition exists. These regions are in various locations of the brain but they could have something to do with how we tie a melody and music together.

In the Uk, psychologists, from the Music Research Group at the University of Leicester School of Psychology, Dr. Adrian North and Liam Mackenzie, played various paces of music to herds of Friesian cattle at LCAH Dairies in Linconshire and Bishop Burton Agricultural College in Humberside. Making use of a thousand cattles, the study played quickly, slow, and no music for twelve hours a day over a 9 week period.

There are four different type of brainwaves. We have beta waves, alpha waves, theta waves delta waves. These waves are measured in hertz. When we focus on day-to-day activities and experience strong feelings, beta waves occur. When we are having either peace or increased awareness, alpha waves exist. Theta waves are triggered when you are meditating, sleeping, imaginative or influenced. When we are in a deep meditation or a deep sleep, Delta waves take place. Faster music assists us feel more energized and increases our awareness.

It engages our minds, arouses our feelings and gets our heart beating faster. The slower our brain waves are, the more relaxed we feel. Slower music calms and unwinds us. Various beats of music can make our brain waves alternate in between alpha and beta waves usually, but a kind of music called Shamanic drum beat can move into our theta waves. Numerous music types can trigger various brain waves, which will certainly make us respond differently. Listening to music that is relaxing is a tested way to minimize anxiety.

Pet dogs and Music Benefits

Music and DogsTwo tunes were produced to be calming, just like a ballad. The cellist taped the tunes with his cello, and afterwards speeded them up to match the monkey’s vocalization. The tunes were played to the monkey at the human speed, and at the monkey speed.

The primate had no response when the music was dipped into human rate, but showed considerable signs of feeling, at the faster rate. When the heavy metal monkey music was played, the monkey showed a lot of agitation, and stress and anxiety. When the slower calmer monkey music was played, they were calmer.

In a research done at Colorado State on the musical preferences of pet dogs, the researchers exposed pets to 45 minutes of music 3 times a week for 4 months. The pet dogs were residing in animal shelters and kennels. They played heavy metal and classic music to the canines. The pet dogs revealed an increase in shaking and barking when heavy metal music played, which the researchers believed shown more signs of stress and anxiety.

In another study done by the University of Wisconsin at Madison, there is some evidence that other animals react to music. A cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra created 4 songs for a small monkey called the Cotton Leading Tamarin, which lives in Central and South American rainforests. Two songs were heavy metal like songs that were developed to agitate.

When they played the music of Beethoven, Strauss, and Bach they noticed the canines tended to sleep more and bark less compared with controlled silence.

These findings might reveal that our requirement and desire for music could belong to our evolutionary history.

How Cows Reply to Music

In much the exact same way music relaxes us, the cows probably feel the exact same method.

Other research studies have actually revealed that shouting at cows and aggressive handling of them also minimizes a cow’s milk production. For a farmer, a boost even as little as 3 percent, over the year, can make their milk production that much more rewarding without any added investment, other than for stereo speakers.

Future research is looking into whether music will certainly work the very same method on other animals.

In an earlier research done in 1996, it showed cows were likewise influenced by music. It was observed that more cows showed up to be milked when the music was played, than when it had not been played. The cows began to connect music with milking, comparable to Pavlov’s canine’s conditioning research study.

On a farm in India, near Pune City, they likewise found that playing calming music to their cows enhanced milk production. They installed relaxing symphonic music in bench and they saw their milk manufacturing increase also. The director of the farm, Parag Shah thinks the concept of playing music to the cows originates from a mythological story where Lord Krishna had actually played the flute to the cows and they would be attracted to him.

Some farmers are trying this approach with chickens, and appear to believe it works to decrease their tension levels too.

The 2001 research showed that cows really have a choice for specific types of music. The theory thought is that faster music might increase a cow’s anxiety level and can affect the amount of milk a cow would produce. Faster music did not decrease the milk levels.

The cows just produced more milk when the music was unwinding. The analysts believe relaxing music is actually unwinding to the cows too and lowers their tension level.

Youtube Music and Cows:

Music therapy and how it changes many lives today

Healing Music TherapyWelcome to my website where I will discuss many topics on music and therapy. Songs treatment is thought to come from veterans’ hospitals, aiding those who returned ravaged from the war adjust much better to the usually traumatic injuries they experienced.

The concept is that music is made use of as a restorative mechanism to attain objectives that are not actually associated to songs at all. As songs has actually been medically verified to enhance mood as well, it’s believed that music therapy can optimize folks’s abilities to communicate and connect on several, numerous levels.

Folks that could profit from music therapy are manifold. They could be both adults and also youngsters, either those which struggle with specific impairments, or those that have chronic health and wellness troubles. Proponents of this kind of therapy claim it works in a variety of ways, and can enhance not just an individual’s psychological well being, yet also aid them physically, cognitively, socially and even on a visual degree.

Some homeowner find it hard to connect for a variety of different and differed factors that are either developing, bodily and/or social, and also really feel that communication with or with using music is the ideal way to open. Music is utilized totally as a vehicle; it’s believed that the interaction in between the patient as well as the therapist is one of the most crucial aspect.

Benefits of Music Therapy in Your Life

According to the American Songs Treatment Organization internet site, music therapy can:

* advertise wellness

* take care of anxiety

* minimize discomfort

* show sensations

* improve memory

* improve communication

* promote physical rehab

Record of Music Treatment

In case all of it looks a mote airy-fairy, felt confident that modern music therapists have to experience intense training before they become accredited. This consists of not just obtaining counseling and also health skills, but also reaching efficiency degrees in guitar, voice, music concept, improvisation, piano, as well as songs history and reading music, in addition to other disciplines.

Music therapy is believed to come from veterans’ hospitals, helping those who came back ruined from the war acclimate far better to the usually distressing injuries they experienced. A bachelor’s degree program in the self-control was established at Michigan State University not long after, as well as the rest is past. Several universities now provide level programs in songs treatment, as well as it is not as uncommon as you could think.

Using music to make us feel delighted has been around for time immemorial, while the therapeutic impacts of songs have been recorded greater than 1,500 years back. The concept of songs as an established therapy, nonetheless, has actually just been around since WW II, at the very least in the United States.

Music Treatment and also StrokesMusic and Therapy

This can be achieved by a range of workouts set out by a trained songs therapist. They consist of rhyming, shouting and also singing to work out mouth muscular tissues, playing on the drum to work out arm muscular tissues as well as control as well as creating songs to match the patient’s gait.

Specific focus is placed on workouts that can increase state of mind as well as motivation, which in turn affect a great deal of other tasks. They consist of song-writing, lyric composition, performing, improvisation as well as more. “The psychological and also visual top qualities of music are used to improve state of mind, to raise motivation, and to help suffering administration,” states the Institute for Songs and also Neurologic Feature.

Songs therapy to assist individuals with strokes is considereded as being especially important as songs has been revealed to have a strong effect on the brain, having an effect on specifically social communications and also emotions. The treatment has been shown that can help folks that have experienced movements enhance their speech and also interaction, cognition, state of mind, inspiration, motion and also muscular tissue command.

Songs Therapy as well as Cardiovascular disease

Previous research studies revealed that songs could possibly be utilized as a restorative device for folks with neurological disabilities. The researches showed that songs improved athletic performance, enhanced motor skills as well as reduced stress total for homeowner with impaired mind feature.

There is also proof that songs therapy could assist limit nausea and throwing up experienced by cancer cells individuals on a program of chemotherapy, which it can aid reduce signs of depression and sleeplessness.

Songs therapy could additionally aid heart people. An American Heart Organization Scientific journal stated the results of an Italian study claiming that music can “integrate and affect” the cardio system, and also that crescendos increased the heart rate and reduced blood tension.