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Different Ways you can Use your new Blender

Blenders are very handy blending tools mainly because of the fact that they are easy to use, easy to clean, and take up very little space in your kitchen. They provide their utility in a wide variety of kitchen tasks making your job faster and hassle free. Despite all the services they offer, they are also quite cheap as compared to other kitchen appliances. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting ways you can use your blender:

To Make Smoothies And Milkshakes:

With a blender you can prepare a delicious smoothie breakfast or midday snack in less than five minutes! All you need is your blender, fruits and/or vegetables, a smoothie base (milk, yogurt, water, or a combination) and any sweetener if you like.

To Beat Eggs:

You can use a blender to beat eggs instead of a whisk or a fork before making scrambled egg or omelet. Blending the eggs instead of whisking them by hand ensures that the egg white combines perfectly with the egg yolk which results in fluffy eggs.

To Puree Hot Soup:

Probably what it’s best known for is its capability to puree hot soups right in the pot. You don’t need to wait for the soup to cool down or transfer it to another container as is the case with jug blenders. You can make carrot soup, cream of chicken soup and many other soups with much ease by using blender. You can learn more tasty recipes with best blender reviews here.

To Make Whipped Cream:

If you don’t have a hand mixer to do the job, the blender can make whipped cream just as good and much faster! All you need is heavy cream, granulated sugar and your blender. Blend the cream, adding the sugar little by little at intervals. Keep blending till the peaks that form in the cream hold their shape.

To Make Salad Dressings:

With a blender you can try many salad dressing recipes or even try your own customized recipes by trying different ingredients and seeing how they work.

Choosing The Right of Food Processor

Before getting a food processor you must assess your needs and preferences and then make the correct decision. Baby food producers accessible in the market extend from little handheld blenders to more modern ones that have a steamer, chopper, blender, and warmer in a solitary gadget. Here are some factors that you must look over before settling on the right choice:

Functions and Features:

For the most part, food processors go from the basic handheld ones that work like blenders to the modern ones are fit for doing a variety of tasks. Contingent upon your requirements, you can pick the correct one. In case that you have a developing family, at that point you may choose to invest in a sophisticated all in one baby food maker which offers different functions and may be financially savvy and proficient for you. But if you are not anticipating a growing family and would prefer not to put resources into a costly gadget then you may pick a food processor or purchase a little handheld blender that may very well play out the functions of blending or mixing the baby food while you do the cooking.

Additional Features:

Various brands are putting forth items that offer various additional features and extras. For example some baby food makers offer adornments, like, a child nourishment formula book, spatula, incorporated measuring cup, and so forth. Others offer distinctive blending modes and some likewise have glass jars for safer cooking. You will perhaps go for these features according to your need nonetheless; on the off chance that you don’t require these additional features, it is unnecessary to spend additional bucks on them.

Size and Capacity:

Before settling on the correct food processor, you should evaluate your needs for capacity and the common serving size you plan. In case you think that it’s hard to prepare meals for your child every time and need to make food in bulk and freeze, then you may select food processors with substantial capacity. On the contrary, if your don’t want to freeze baby food and instead prefer serving freshly made food then you might choose smaller sized food processors.

Cost and Brand:

Customer evaluations and expert ratings have appraised BEABA, Cuisinart, and Baby Brezza exceptionally for the food processors they offer however; these are very costly brands also. Hamilton Beach and Lil’ Jumbl are accepted to be a portion of the auxiliary brands with regards to food processors.

Does Investing in Cold Press Juicer Worth it?

It is undeniable that cold-pressing is one of the most elegant methods to extract high-quality juices. The method uses a simple pressing technique that breaks the pulp of fruits or veggies to extract their juice but without altering their fibre or nutritive value.

The extract that you get from this technique is full of pulp, and it has a smooth texture, which is in fact exceptionally better than that of the conventional juices available in the market. What’s more important is that the cold pressed juices never undergo any kind of extreme conditions and this is the reason why it can be stored for a long period of time.


You must have seen several nutritionists, doctors and health magazines talk about the benefits of these juices and how they can have a significant impact on your daily diet. But, the question is; are the cold pressed juices worth it or is it just hype? Well, to know more about it you should first realize what exactly the advantages of these juices are and how they are different from the traditional centrifugal juices.


They Have Maximum Nutrition: There is no form of high temperature or extreme grinding involved in the process of cold pressing. Which tends to preserve the maximum amount of nutrition in the juices, so that you can have your daily vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients in just one pure glass of juice. So, for better nutritional value which is why the cold pressed juice definitely scores more points than that of centrifugal juices.

There Is No Oxidation: The exposure of oxygen to the raw ingredients is low, and this is what prevents any form of oxidation. In fact, the shelf life of cold pressed juice is almost 24 hours when kept in room temperature and 72 hours when stored in the refrigerator. But, for traditional juices, you would have to consume it right after it has been poured into the glass.

They Have Better Absorption: Having a pool of nutrients is not the only benefit of cold pressed juices. Instead, they are even easy to absorb by your body so that you can obtain its goodness in no time. This is possible because the juice is in a liquid state which is much easier to digest when compared to a whole fruit or vegetables.

They Have A Great Taste: Since the nutrition and freshness of cold pressed juice is similar to that of their raw ingredients, it provides an exceptional taste that makes your daily diet even more tasty and wholesome.


When you want to explore the advantages of the cold pressed juice, then it is wise to invest in a product which is rich with options and easy to use.  It is also advised to go through reviews of the top selling cold press juicers before making a final decision to purchase. Having the juicer is not only affordable, but at the same time, it will also allow you to extract the juice of your favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts at the comfort of your home. Good news is that there are many reputed manufacturers out there that have come up with exceptional juicers so that you can make the most of it.