Adding Music Education with the Basic Curriculum

Music Education in Public SchoolsWhen we look at art and music programs that are added to a curriculum we put them aside to focus on the basics: math, writing and reading.  Sometimes we forget the importance of adding the critical pieces like music to an education.  When we add music to a developing child’s future, it can improve brain function all the way up to adulthood.  It is good for a developing brain to listen to more complex sounds.  This leads to the way children process the knowledge that they receive in other areas like math.  Also having a good music education increases creativity in other areas and problem solving improves.

The Many Different Types of Music Education and Your Child

It is important to have your child listen and learn to play music on a regular basis.  Even if you child wants to sing instead of learning a musical instrument, this can lead to huge improvements in their life.  Also musical games or performances will help from a young age to develop a child’s skills.

Having music in schools also helps a children develop in social interactions and using more of the robust neural processing.  Motor skills improve with even basics things like clapping your hands and dancing.  Children in groups can learn dancing or playing on basic instruments.  You can see that technology has helped children getting more music with devices like the ipods and tablets.  Even when looking at therapy, music helps develop breathing and coordination.  Researches have proven over and over the benefits of a quality music program in elementary schools and can’t speak enough about the importance of it.

It is best to help give children everything possible to have a bright future.  Some say that music is a universal language and can be understood by all without knowing a specific language.  Reading sheet music helps children in math because they are using fractions when it comes to notes.  Playing all the different notes as well refer to symbols that the child is learning.  Also, when considering words in songs you can relate this to language arts.

Keeping Music Education in Schools for our Children

When comparing children with a music education to children that don’t, you can see the difference in test scores.  Not only just in school, children seem to be able to make better decisions in life.  It doesn’t stop in elementary school thought, continuing music education through high school is important as well.  Once children grow up and leave the home they will be better prepared for the real world.

We need to realize that continuing music education in schools is a huge detriment to our youth and their development.  If you have a child that is in a music program, you have probably seen the difference in their performance and high grades compared to others without this luxury.  If you have a child in school, please make sure our music programs continue and our children to get all the tools they need.  Please check out our previous article on helping your child develop with music.

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