Video Drum Lessons for Beginners

Learn How To Play DrumsLearning to play the drums can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding musical instruments out there.  Rhythm plays such a huge role in the grand scheme of things and we have included some video drum lessons for you as well as a resource with plenty of educational drumming information.  In the beginning, you may get overwhelmed so we have included some basic first steps to get you started.

First Steps in Learning How to Play the Drums

If you are brand new and have never touched a drum set in your life, we recommend that you start with just a basic practice pad and drum sticks.  This will save you so much money in the beginning and you can see if you will like playing drums.  There are a few options for you.  If you want to get started today, it is a good idea to head over to your local music store.  In most cases they will have both a practice pad and also drumsticks available and you should be able to keep it under 35 dollars.  This may very in your market area.  If you can wait a bit, you can always find a good deal online and there are plenty of places have fast delivery.

Once you have everything you need to get started, find a good place to set up your practice pad.  If you are limited on space, you can use your lap or a TV stand.  You want to make sure your back is straight and your thighs are horizontal with the ground.  It is always a good idea to practice good posture in the beginning because you could risk injury down the road.  Here is your first drum lesson video to get you started:

Setting Up Time to Practice Drumming

I was always a little sloppy in setting time aside every day for my drumming.  This created poor results for me and ended up delaying my learning curve.  I usually practiced drumming only on the weekend for 3 hours and the rest of the week I would not touch my drum set.  The benefit to practicing in smaller chunks and more regularly is that it will help develop your muscle memory.  Once I started doing this, it was easier to pick up where I left off much easier.  This created much more momentum and kept me motivated.  I recommend everyone getting a pen and paper and setting time to practice.

Another few things to keep in mind when learning drums is, look for a mentor or online lessons.  It is always good to have structure and have feedback from a teacher.  It is easy to form bad habits without realizing that you are doing so.  Bad habits while learning how to play the drums can take years to unlearn and may set you back.  One last word of advice is to go easy on yourself.  In the beginning, you will struggle and it may take time to get you rhythm and coordination between all of your limbs.  A great resource that is free for me to use is here:  Or reach out to Spencer Smith on his blog.

Please comment in the section below if you have any questions and we can get them answered.